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Arrest Warrants in Los Angeles

Arrest Warrants in Los AngelesMost drivers are going to receive a ticket at some point in their life.  The majority of these tickets can be taken care of with a small fine or even a trip to driving school.  More serious tickets may require the use of one of our experienced attorneys to lower or remove charges.  When drivers fail to make payments or miss their court dates, however, these tickets will take on a whole new meaning as arrest warrants are placed and a driver’s life is turned upside down.

An arrest warrant will typically be placed on a driver for one of three reasons.  These include a failure to appear in court, failing to obey a court order, and overdue traffic tickets that have not been paid.  These types of warrants are common, but that does not make them any less serious.

Los Angeles Arrest Warrants

It is paramount for all drivers to understand that they must not ignore any warrants for arrest.  Once a warrant has been placed it will never go away and ignoring it for any lengthy amount of time could result in an expensive and embarrassing ordeal.  Not only will fines continue to climb at a staggering rate, any time that a driver’s name is run by a law enforcement officer, they will be handcuffed and taken into custody.  If the arrest warrant was issued in another state, law enforcement officers may still have the option to bring you into custody, but an extradition will generally not take place.

In order to clear the warrant, it is important to understand why the warrant was placed and the original charges.  Drivers can do this by contacting the DMV and courts to have a full listing of any outstanding warrants and tickets.

Drivers are going to need the expert services of an attorney from Traffic Ticket Justice to recall or remove their arrest warrants.  These cases can become exceedingly complex and all it takes is a single mishap for the driver to find themselves in handcuffs and being taken off to county jail.  We offer drivers the best chance at removing their warrants, lowering fines, and keeping their driver license in hand.

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