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Bench Warrant

Bench WarrantCalifornia drivers are made aware of the law, but not every driver understands the consequences of a bad decision. When patrol officers write tickets, clear instructions are given to a driver involved in a traffic violation about how to handle the ticket. When tickets are not paid on time, a bench warrant is issued by a judge that calls for the arrest of the driver named in the warrant for failure to pay traffic tickets.

The issuance of bench warrants and arrest warrants happen because of the violation of a court order. Traffic tickets are written and are supposed to be paid to the county or state authority by the due date. A court appearance may be required with traffic tickets and every driver that does not notify the court in advance is expected to be in court. When drivers disobey these court orders, a bench warrant is always issued.

The court will not notify a driver when a warrant has been issued. It is the responsibility of each driver to understand and obey the laws that are in place. Many drivers continue to drive not knowing that a warrant has been issued or the DMV has put a hold on a license renewal. When drivers face these unfortunate circumstances, expert bench warrants attorneys can help drivers avoid arrest.

Experienced attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can find out if a warrant is valid by using in-depth research techniques and the proper legal channels. When a bench warrant is discovered and validated, the information must be reviewed and compared for accuracy. This helps to ensure there are no problems or errors in the bench warrants before a recall hearing is scheduled.

Every person has the legal right for representation in a court of law, but it is never recommended that a person do so without expert legal counsel. A bench warrant is a violation of a court order and a judge may recall the warrant with persuasion from an expert attorney that is working to keep a driver from going to jail. Avoiding the issuance of bench warrants is not always possible, but legal help can remove the warrant.

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