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Are Traffic Violations Misdemeanors?

Are Traffic Violations Misdemeanors?Drivers are often taught the basics of California’s traffic code while in driving school, but few are given the chance to understand some of the minutiae that makes up state and federal traffic laws.  This includes many of the names that are given to charges and has many drivers wondering, is traffic violation a misdemeanor?  Here is a look at just a few of the charges that the attorneys from Traffic Ticket Justice will be able to assist you with.

Is a speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?

Is a speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?For drivers that have the urge to get to their destination just a little bit faster, a ticket may be in the near future. For the majority of individuals, this ticket is going to be inevitable at some point, and this has many wondering: “Are speeding tickets misdemeanors?” Before making a call to the attorneys here at Traffic Ticket Justice, it is important for all drivers to understand just how severe this all-too-common ticket is.

What is a Traffic Misdemeanor?

What is a Traffic MisdemeanorIf receiving a traffic ticket was not confusing enough on its own, every state holds unique semantics and language for all traffic codes and violations. Traffic misdemeanors are one of these phrases that very few drivers are given a full explanation of until it is too late. Here is a look at some of California's traffic codes that describe a misdemeanor and how the attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can help keep them off your record.


Is a DUI a Misdemeanor?

Is a DUI a Misdemeanor?Receiving a DUI within California is a serious offense. Not only does this charge have the ability to haunt a driver for the rest of their life, it is painfully common throughout the state. As California continues to crack down on this offense, many drivers remain wondering, is a DUI a misdemeanor? Here are some of the basics of the misdemeanor DUI and the steps that every driver should take to protect themselves if they are in threat of being charged with this crime.


Suspended License Reinstatement

Suspended License ReinstatementHaving a suspended license is a stressful inconvenience that no one needs. A suspension can come about due to excessive points on a license, a particularly severe ticket, or even a failure to pay child support in a timely manner. Luckily, here are a few basic steps that every driver can follow in order to have the best possible options for suspended license reinstatement.


Suspended License Penalties

Suspended License PenaltiesWhen drivers first receive their license, it is a thrilling period of freedom and exhilaration. Slowly, the ability to drive turns into a daily necessity for work, errands, and social activities. This has many wondering, what would happen if they had their drivers license suspended? Having a license suspended by the DMV or courts can be a painful and stressful event, but it is nothing compared to what can take place if drivers continue to drive on a suspended license. Before making the call to our attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice, here are some important facts about California Traffic Code that every driver should understand.


Driving on a Suspended License

Driving on a Suspended LicenseWhen the DMV issues a license suspension, a driver is not permitted to operate any type of motor vehicle. There are multiple ways that a driver can lose his or her privilege to drive. A driver that accumulates too many points within the maximum time allowed by law can receive a suspended drivers license. Not every driver is aware that a DMV license suspension has been issued and may be surprised when he or she is pulled over and taken into custody by a police officer.


Is the bench warrant in my name only valid in California?

Is the bench warrant in my name only valid in California?When a judge issues a warrant in California, it includes your name and other identifying information that is distributed to law enforcement. The warrant is entered into the court system and will remain on file until an arrest is made or a judge removes the warrant. An active warrant will show up when any search is made of your identifying information. This can include background checks and checks performed by a law enforcement officer.


Under What Circumstances Does a Judge Order a Warrant?

Under What Circumstances Does a Judge Order a Warrant?Every judge in the state of California has the power to order or recall a warrant. There are several reasons why a warrant in California can be ordered by a judge. In every case, the issuance of a warrant is due to a contempt of court meaning a violation of a court order has taken place. A person may or may not know that one or more warrants have been issued until an arrest is made.


What should I do if there is a bench warrant for my arrest?

What should I do if there is a bench warrant for my arrest?

Knowing or suspecting that the court has issued a warrant for your arrest can be a confusing and stressful time. The court does not directly notify a person and it is possible to find out about warrants through other means of research. Any person that is in belief that a bench warrant exists should take the time to verify the validity of the warrant. The expert warrant lawyers at Traffic Ticket Justice can do this with a case analysis.


Do Warrants Expire?

Do Warrants Expire?Some of the most common reasons why a judge signs a bench warrant is when someone does not appear in court as scheduled, disobeys a direct court order or has overdue traffic tickets. When someone has a warrant, one of the first questions that is asked is if warrants expire after issuance. Once a judge issues a warrant, it will only be cancelled when the person is arrested. It is also possible to go through the legal process to have it recalled.


How to find out if you have a warrant

How to find out if you have a warrantThe state of California will not notify any person by mail or other means when a warrant in California has been issued in their name. The only notification given is to law enforcement officers to instruct them to make an arrest on sight or after the identity of a person is proven. The reason the warrant was issued can be determined after arrest when a person appears in front of a judge.


What is a Bench Warrant

What is a Bench WarrantA bench warrant is a signed court order that demands an immediate arrest of the person named in the warrant. A judge issues the warrant from his or her bench and this is where the term bench warrant was created. There are many people that have a warrant in California and may be unaware that an arrest is imminent. Police officers and the DMV are promptly notified when warrants are issued and the warrants do not dissolve on their own.


California DUI Laws

California DUI LawsCalifornia is one of many states that constantly review, change and update laws for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. These laws are meant to shock each driver that is convicted by imposing some of the toughest legislation that is allowable by the law. Commercial drivers spend the majority of a transportation career on city streets and state highways. These drivers are most often the ones that experience the stiffest penalties and consequences. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice provide experienced representation for a driver requiring a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles.


Suspended Drivers License Information

Suspended Drivers License InformationEvery driver in California is given the opportunity to show their knowledge of traffic laws and regulations and perform a maneuverability test to receive a license to drive. This right to drive can be taken away after an arrest for DUI is made or excessive points are acquired through traffic tickets. The current laws are written to enforce a suspended drivers license and it is illegal to drive while not holding a valid license.


DMV Hearing Information

DMV Hearing InformationThe California DMV is granted the authority under current law to suspend, reinstate or revoke driving privileges for a licensed driver in the state. A DMV hearing is an administrative hearing designed to hear information pertaining to an arrest or violation like driving under the influence, excessive points or an issued warrant. A driver will be notified by the DMV that action is being taken that may affect their privilege to legally drive.


Traffic Misdemeanors

Traffic MisdemeanorsA traffic ticket misdemeanor charge in California is more severe than an infraction like a red light ticket or seat belt ticket. Multiple traffic misdemeanors are written into the law and these include driving with a suspended license, failure to appear, DUI, reckless driving and exhibition of speed. A conviction for a misdemeanor can be punishable with incarceration and a fine of up to $1000. A misdemeanor will appear on the permanent criminal record of a driver who is convicted in court.


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