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California DUI Laws

California DUI LawsCalifornia is one of many states that constantly review, change and update laws for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. These laws are meant to shock each driver that is convicted by imposing some of the toughest legislation that is allowable by the law. Commercial drivers spend the majority of a transportation career on city streets and state highways. These drivers are most often the ones that experience the stiffest penalties and consequences. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice provide experienced representation for a driver requiring a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles.

A first time DUI arrest is severe and a driver will face disciplinary action and charges in court. Patrol officers pay close attention to commercial drivers and know that time is of the essence when deliveries, services or pickups are involved. These officers wait for speeding or other traffic violations to occur and a traffic stop will be administered. California requires that every driver who is suspected of a DUI to submit to blood alcohol test. Refusal of this test will result in a suspension of the license for a commercial driver. Attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice consult with and provide information to drivers that need a Los Angeles DUI attorney for their defense.

The minimum blood alcohol level needed for an arrest for DUI is .04% for commercial drivers. This amount is half of what is required for a standard driver and many commercial drivers are unaware of this law. The suspension or revocation of a commercial license to drive is only the first phase of an arrest for DUI. Expensive fines and jail time is usually required. This personal and public embarrassment is a direct result of the penalizing California DUI laws that are complex and ever-changing. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice are experienced and provide informative consultations on how to settle a DUI charge.

Every judge in California is sworn to uphold the law and oversee all evidence that is presented during a court hearing. This evidence will always include police reports, available witnesses, testimonies and statements that are part of a DUI investigation. A commercial driver has the right to a legal defense to fight DUI charges in court. The only goal of a prosecutor is to get a conviction and a legal defense is designed to help convince a judge to dismiss or reduce allegations and charges. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice fight for commercial drivers.

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