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DMV Hearing Information

DMV Hearing InformationThe California DMV is granted the authority under current law to suspend, reinstate or revoke driving privileges for a licensed driver in the state. A DMV hearing is an administrative hearing designed to hear information pertaining to an arrest or violation like driving under the influence, excessive points or an issued warrant. A driver will be notified by the DMV that action is being taken that may affect their privilege to legally drive.

Every driver that receives notification of a DMV action has 10 days to request a DMV hearing or the right to a hearing will be terminated. Pending court dates are completely separate from a DMV administrative hearing. Every driver has the right to retain legal counsel at a DMV hearing for DUI or other charge. Retained traffic ticket attorneys can obtain evidence in advance that is scheduled for use against a driver at the hearing.

Since this administration per se hearing will determine the right to drive, evidence can be presented and reviewed or cross examined. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can subpoena a witness or a patrol officer that made an arrest or police report. Expert defense tactics can be used to challenge this information and cause the DMV to rule in favor of a driver and choose to dismiss a driving suspension as the final outcome of a DUI DMV hearing.

A driver that is arrested or charged with an offense has limited time to make important decisions. Consulting with DMV expert attorneys immediately following notification of a DMV action creates sufficient time for review of the evidence that will be used by the DMV to take away the right to drive. The request DMV hearing process can be completed in time for an accurate presentation to fight for the rights of a driver.

The experienced traffic ticket lawyers at Traffic Ticket Justice have a track record of favorable DMV hearings. Accurate presentations of evidence and arguments concerning the facts of an arrest or charge are provided. Every commercial driver has the legal right to fight for the chance to continue to drive.

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