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Drivers License Suspended

Drivers License SuspendedA license suspension is the most severe penalty that can be imposed by the DMV. The issuance of a license comes with certain responsibilities for a person to be considered a good driver. There are several circumstances that will result in the DMV having a drivers license suspended.

Any driver that is alleged to have committed a motor vehicle violation will receive a written notice in the form of a traffic ticket to appear in court. The acceptance of a ticket requires a person to appear in court to defend the charge. A driver that decides not to appear as scheduled or pay the imposed fine can have their drivers license suspended by DMV following a recommendation by the court.

When a driver is charged with a DUI, a police officer will notify the driver of intent to recommend to the DMV to have their driving license suspended, which will be enforced within 30 days. The driver then has the right to defend his or her privilege to drive within a 10-day period. This arrangement, known as a DMV hearing, is the only option that a driver has before having their drivers license suspended permanently.

The best defense someone facing the suspension of their driving privileges can make is to have expert legal representation. It takes knowledge and experience to prevent the DMV from having a drivers license suspended. Expert attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can reveal mistakes and errors that might be present in police reports. Their expert defense can convince the DMV to overturn their decision to have a driver license suspended.

Some drivers never know that a suspension is in process. Not every person keeps the DMV updated with accurate contact information. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can investigate whether the DMV is having a driving license suspended. With the help of the attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice, drivers can avoid having their driver license suspended. This information applies to Los Angeles, California drivers.

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