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Is a DUI a Misdemeanor?

Is a DUI a Misdemeanor?Receiving a DUI within California is a serious offense. Not only does this charge have the ability to haunt a driver for the rest of their life, it is painfully common throughout the state. As California continues to crack down on this offense, many drivers remain wondering, is a DUI a misdemeanor? Here are some of the basics of the misdemeanor DUI and the steps that every driver should take to protect themselves if they are in threat of being charged with this crime.

It all begins with a law enforcement officer believing that a driver is under the influence of alcohol. They will request the driver to submit to a test. If the driver refuses, the law enforcement could revoke their license on the spot. After being tested, if there is any amount of alcohol in the system the law enforcement officer will most likely take the driver in with a DUI charge and take their license on the spot, even if the BAC is under .08%.

Within California, most arrests of this type will remain as a DUI misdemeanor. To bump this up to a felony, one of a few events must take place. This includes being involved in an accident that harmed someone, any damage to property, or the fourth DUI within a 10 year period. In addition, if any further illegal acts took place during the drunk driving offense, the misdemeanor may be upgraded to a felony.

Most drivers that have recently been charged with this offense are asking, is DUI a misdemeanor? If this is the case, the first step is to contact the team of experienced attorneys from Traffic Ticket Justice. Drivers have only a short period in which to contact their legal defense and get themselves back on the road. Delaying this process could lead to long lasting consequences that will cost thousands of dollars in fines, time within prison, and a blemish that no driver wishes to deal with.


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