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Is a speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?

Is a speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?For drivers that have the urge to get to their destination just a little bit faster, a ticket may be in the near future. For the majority of individuals, this ticket is going to be inevitable at some point, and this has many wondering: “Are speeding tickets misdemeanors?” Before making a call to the attorneys here at Traffic Ticket Justice, it is important for all drivers to understand just how severe this all-too-common ticket is.

Misdemeanor speeding tickets vary by state and the circumstances surrounding the speeding itself. California is similar to most other states as it classifies tickets by infractions, misdemeanors, and felony charges. Infractions are considered the least severe tickets, yet they can still cost drivers thousands of dollars in fines, DMV fees, and increased insurance rates. The majority of speeding charges are infractions, but a speeding misdemeanor is possible in certain circumstances.

Drivers could potentially receive a misdemeanor speeding ticket for excessive speeding. These cases will involve anything from 20 to 30 MPH over the speed limit. More often than not, these charges are issued tandem with other charges, such as reckless endangerment.

A driver that receives a speeding ticket misdemeanor will be in immediate threat of having their license suspended. Many misdemeanor charges come with a two point penalty being placed on a license. This means that one more charge within 12 months could result in a license suspension and a messy legal situation that will end up costing thousands.

For those that are asking themselves "Is speeding a misdemeanor?", the time to call the experienced legal team at Traffic Ticket Justice is now. When one's ability to drive is at risk, there is no reason to take any chances. A traffic specialist will offer drivers the best chance at keeping points off their record and their license in hand.

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