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License Suspension

License SuspensionEvery person that plans to drive a vehicle must pass a written and automobile maneuverability test to receive a license to drive. This privilege is given to drivers that present knowledge of basic motor vehicle laws. The DMV has a zero tolerance policy when vehicle violations occur and will promptly notify drivers with a notice of license suspension. The suspension will take place unless a process to contest the suspension is made.

The DMV reviews convictions, recommendations by a judge or a responsible third party when considering a drivers license suspension. A person involved in a DUI arrest or suspicion can be notified by law enforcement that the DMV has been petitioned to issue a suspension. A driver that is pulled over for various reasons could receive a license suspension by the DMV for failure to have valid automobile insurance.

The issuance of a traffic ticket is a promise to appear at a future court date. A driver is expected to pay the imposed fine attached to the ticket in advance or enter a plea in court. Drivers that do not appear in court are in violation of a court order and will be notified by the DMV of a license suspension. Drivers that receive too many negligent operator points may also receive a notice of driver license suspension taking away the right to drive.

Upon notification of a suspension by the DMV, a person has the legal right to request a DMV hearing to defend his or her ability to drive. The best way to request a hearing is by consulting with expert attorneys that have prior experience defending drivers in administrative review hearings. The state law provides a limited window of time to make a request to avoid a drivers license suspension.

The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice know the procedures and evidence that will be used in a DMV hearing. Arguing the inaccuracies that would otherwise lead to a license suspension can be used to convince the DMV to suspend the order for a driver license suspension. The information contained herein applies only to Los Angeles, California drivers.

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