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Suspended Drivers License Information

Suspended Drivers License InformationEvery driver in California is given the opportunity to show their knowledge of traffic laws and regulations and perform a maneuverability test to receive a license to drive. This right to drive can be taken away after an arrest for DUI is made or excessive points are acquired through traffic tickets. The current laws are written to enforce a suspended drivers license and it is illegal to drive while not holding a valid license.

A standard driver may be able to make arrangements with a friend or family member for transportation after a suspension is issued. A commercial driver with the inability to drive will have loss of income and the potential for terminated employment. A commercial driver that has received a suspended license can depend on the expertise of our traffic ticket attorneys to fight for the ability to drive and eliminate a financial disaster from unemployment.

The DMV and not the ruling of the court can place a license on hold for any driver. Many drivers are unaware that they have a hold or suspension on their license until notified by the DMV. After a license suspension has been issued, every person has the legal right to request a DMV administration per se hearing within 10 days for a DUI case and 14 days for the case of negligent operator. Consulting with the experienced attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can ensure that the right for a driver to continue to drive is defended at the hearing.

Since the suspension of a commercial driving license can be for an extended period of time allowed under law, the goal of a favorable DMV hearing is to reinstate drivers license and allow a driver to continue working as a commercial driver. This can mean no loss of employment during the time leading up to a scheduled court date.

The suspension of a license to drive is a serious consequence, but can be challenged in a DMV hearing by hiring traffic ticket lawyers to speak on behalf of a driver that has lost the right to drive. A review of driving history, pending charge and facts surrounding the investigation can be made at the DMV hearing to help restore driving privileges.

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