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Suspended License Attorney

Suspended License AttorneyOnce a license is under threat of being taken away, a suspended license attorney becomes an invaluable tool for all drivers in California. A license suspension can take placed for a multitude of reasons, and no matter the cause, it can turn into a stressful affair that could last for months or even years. Without a suspended license lawyer in California, drivers may be under threat of permanently losing their license, unaffordable hikes in insurance rates, or even time in a jail cell.

The DMV is required to notify drivers if their license is under threat of suspension or currently suspended. Unfortunately, this task is easier said than done and has many drivers scratching their head. The most common cause of a license suspension comes down to an individual's record. Nearly all moving violations come with a one or two point penalty that is placed on a record. If a driver does not get help from a suspended license attorney in California to keep these points of their record, they may lose the ability to drive with as little as four points in a single year.

Suspended License Lawyer

Another common need for a suspended license lawyer in Los Angeles is due to problems with child support payments. Parents that fall behind on their child support payments may have their license revoked by the court system. Other more serious driving offenses, such as a DUI that involves bodily injury or death, may result in an immediate suspension as well.

For those that may be losing their ability to drive in the near future, there are two important facts to keep in mind. The first is to contact a suspended license lawyer from Traffic Ticket Justice immediately. Drivers have only a matter of days to request a DMV hearing to keep their license in hand. Another fact to remember is that driving without a license is a serious offense. If drivers are caught doing this, they may be contacting their suspended license attorney in Los Angeles from a jail cell with thousands of dollars needed for bail money, DMV fines, and impounded car fees.

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