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Traffic MisdemeanorsA traffic ticket misdemeanor charge in California is more severe than an infraction like a red light ticket or seat belt ticket. Multiple traffic misdemeanors are written into the law and these include driving with a suspended license, failure to appear, DUI, reckless driving and exhibition of speed. A conviction for a misdemeanor can be punishable with incarceration and a fine of up to $1000. A misdemeanor will appear on the permanent criminal record of a driver who is convicted in court.

A driver that has had a previous conviction may face stiffer penalties for a new conviction of the same charge. Drivers that depend on commercial driving employment can face permanent loss of a commercial driving license if convicted of a speeding ticket misdemeanor charge. Without solid legal representation, a driver has increased chance of a conviction that can lead to loss of employment, expensive fines, court costs and incarceration.

The ever-changing California legislation updates the written laws of traffic misdemeanors to make it increasingly difficult for a driver facing charges to not get convicted. Commercial drivers have a higher responsibility under the law to obey traffic laws during transportation. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice cover all of California and provide expert legal help to any driver facing an individual or multiple misdemeanor charge.

Prosecutors know that misdemeanor traffic offenses are common and can seriously affect the future driving ability of a commercial driver. Information about the past driving history of a driver can be used in court to help secure a conviction. Navigating the legal process alone is never a good decision. Successful cases are won every day with the help of experienced traffic ticket lawyers that know the law and how to avoid a driver conviction.

The expert attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice know how to review a misdemeanor charge for accuracy and investigate the facts for a driver facing a charge in court. Mistakes can and do happen with law enforcement and a driver can be wrongfully arrested or charged with a misdemeanor. An entire team of traffic ticket attorneys works to help drivers receive a misdemeanor dismissal in court.

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