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Warrant AttorneyEvery driver is expected to obey traffic laws that protect innocent drivers from accidents and injuries. A patrol officer may initiate a traffic stop if there is a belief that a traffic law has been violated. A driver that is issued a ticket and does not appear in court as scheduled may receive a bench warrant issued by a judge. Hiring a warrant attorney gives a driver the best chance of dismissing an issued warrant.

Not appearing in court is a violation of a notice to appear. This failure to appear, known as FTA, is a serious legal consequence that can affect both non-commercial and commercial drivers. Experienced warrant attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can research and examine active warrants and may appear on behalf of a driver to petition the court for warrant dismissal.

FTA warrants are not the only type of warrant that can be issued for a driver. Not paying traffic tickets on time can result in a warrant being issued. A driver that has unpaid tickets faces immediate arrest by any law enforcement officer. Hiring a warrant attorney can determine the accuracy of the information in the issued warrant and help a driver clear his or her name. Expert warrant attorneys remove the fear and confusion that can happen to a driver facing a judge alone.

The loss of a CDL license is devastating to a commercial driver. The laws and penalties are more severe due to the advanced qualifications required in the commercial driving industry. A warrant attorney may help a driver maintain employment that can be lost if employers discover that a driver has outstanding warrants. Experienced warrant attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice know the law and what to do to recall a warrant.

There is no amount of time that can pass where a warrant will simply be forgotten. By consulting with an experienced warrant attorney, the fear of living with an imminent arrest and incarceration will cease. Experienced warrant attorneys with track records of successfully recalled warrants provide the best way for a driver to get back to a normal living and work schedule.

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