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Warrant Recall

Warrant RecallThe majority of drivers are never going to have a warrant issued in their name, so when this traumatic experience happens only a few know where to turn. Individuals may not understand exactly what is going to take place next, how they can fix it, if they will be going to jail, and how it will affect their future. This is why the team of attorneys here at Traffic Ticket Justice is helping drivers understand this legal process and work closely alongside them to help with a bench warrant recall.

Not all driving charges turn into a criminal matter unless a severe scenario has played out. While a ticket is being issued, many drivers are required to sign the ticket itself. This gives the individual a legal obligation to meet at court on the selected date. If the driver fails to appear, it is going to be time to begin organizing with the attorneys here at Traffic Ticket Justice to recall a warrant. FTA warrants, or bench warrants, will mean that any time that the driver is pulled over or has their name run by a law enforcement officer, they will be taken into custody. A warrant recall will become the only way to avoid taking a trip to jail.

A confidential consultation with our team about how to recall warrant is the first step to take. We work relentlessly to validate that the warrant exists, understand the exact reasoning behind the warrant, and clear all charges without the driver ever being forced to spend time in incarceration.

If any driver has been issued a warrant within the state of California, the time to act is now. We have the ability to guide every client through this complex and stressful process, beginning with a motion to recall warrant and ending with the driver getting back on the road legally and with their record intact.

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