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WarrantsA warrant is a legal court document that is issued in your name by a judge. There are various types of warrants and the most common types issued are bench warrants. Any person can receive a bench warrant by not appearing in court on the day that was scheduled, by not paying imposed fines from a ticket or disobeying a direct court order. The court takes warrants very seriously and any person with a warrant should take action to have it dismissed.

A misdemeanor charge will require a person to appear in court on a date that is scheduled in advance. The information about the date of the court appearance is typically provided in advance by mail or is included with an issued ticket. Every person that is notified of a court appearance is legally required to attend or a failure to appear bench warrant will be issued by the judge.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant issued after a failure to appear for a misdemeanor charge gives any police officer the right to arrest you and take you into custody upon determination of your identity. This means that you will be required to remain incarcerated until you can appear in court in front of a judge. Any arrest will remain part of your permanent criminal record and may impair your ability to keep or to seek future employment.

The issuance of a bench warrant also gives the court the power to suspend your driver’s license for failure to appear. This suspension can be imposed on a first or repeat offender that willfully violates this section of the vehicle code law. The severity of a bench warrant can be dismissed in court if the appropriate legal steps are taken in a timely manner.

Warrant Lawyer

A confidential consultation with an experienced team of attorneys will help any person that has been issued a bench warrant. It is customary to research if a warrant exists, to validate the information contained on the warrant and to take the legal steps necessary to have the warrant recalled. Knowing what to do when you have a bench warrant can keep you from paying fines, being incarcerated or accumulating additional charges.

Warrants in California


Our warrant lawyers can help anyone who has had a warrants in California issued in their name due to failure to appear in court. If you are issued any warrants in Los Angeles, our warrant attorney can help you with this problem and take the necessary steps to clear your name.

If you have a warrant in your name, contact Traffic Ticket Justice and we can help you recall the warrant and resolve the problem. We provide services for the residents of Los Angeles and all the cities in California. Call us and put your mind and your family at rest.

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