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What is a Bench Warrant

What is a Bench WarrantA bench warrant is a signed court order that demands an immediate arrest of the person named in the warrant. A judge issues the warrant from his or her bench and this is where the term bench warrant was created. There are many people that have a warrant in California and may be unaware that an arrest is imminent. Police officers and the DMV are promptly notified when warrants are issued and the warrants do not dissolve on their own.

Some of the ways that a bench warrant can be issued are by not appearing in court after a traffic violation or summons, a direct violation of a court order and not paying restitution to the state or court after fines are imposed. When a person receives a traffic citation, a promise is made to appear in court upon signing the ticket. Not showing up in court is the most common cause of an issued warrant.

A person that has reason to believe that a warrant has been issued should consult with the warrant lawyers at Traffic Ticket Justice. These expert attorneys can research a warrant and validate its existence. The information included in the warrant will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. The best way to clear a warrant is to schedule a court date and petition the judge to recall the warrant.

Working closely with a warrant attorney is the correct legal way to uncover a warrant and make it go away. The right way to avoid immediate arrest, mandatory jail time and court costs is to go through the procedure for recalling the warrant. It takes years of experience and successful courtroom arguments to tackle a complex issue like outstanding bench warrants. The attorneys with Traffic Ticket Justice are law experts that specialize in removing warrants in Los Angeles.

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