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What is a Traffic Misdemeanor?

What is a Traffic MisdemeanorIf receiving a traffic ticket was not confusing enough on its own, every state holds unique semantics and language for all traffic codes and violations. Traffic misdemeanors are one of these phrases that very few drivers are given a full explanation of until it is too late. Here is a look at some of California's traffic codes that describe a misdemeanor and how the attorneys at Traffic Ticket Justice can help keep them off your record.

While not every state or even county has identical laws, all traffic laws within California are bound by similar descriptions. The most basic of all these violations are the infractions. Infractions are typically minor tickets that would not generally affect the safety or well-being of any people or property. These may include an improperly tinted window, seatbelt violations, or excessive noise from an exhaust or radio. Infractions can be increased to a traffic ticket misdemeanor if the violation could jeopardize the safety of another person.

Nearly every traffic misdemeanor can be categorized as a violation that could potentially harm any person or damage property. Examples of these would include red light violations, a DUI, or otherwise driving recklessly. While these are not penalized as much as felonies, they can still have a very large impact on a driver's life. These violations can lead to increases in insurance premiums, a suspended license, large fines, and even time within prison.

For those that are wondering, "Are traffic tickets misdemeanors?" the time to call the team of attorneys from Traffic Ticket Justice is now. For every misdemeanor placed on a record, drivers put their driving privileges and finances at risk. If individuals do not defend themselves from these violations, the situation could quickly spiral out control until it is too late. Protect your license and your bank account with one of our experienced lawyers today.


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